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Aug. 21, 2022

Its all about Cancel Culture!

I firmly believe that today’s society is more about canceling the culture of our past! The next generation is doomed if we continue down the path of dehumanizing our society and that will have a great impact on the future of everyone in the world. This is a common tactic done by communism. We talk about this and much more on today’s episode. Don’t forget to check us out at these spots.

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Welcome to another episode when the hammer drives and I'm your host back I know you see some different you can you can look up until my left and you see that picture of me with the ears gone look at this I feel so much better it was time for change folks and to be honest with you then after two and a half years of growing it out I just I just figured it was time it was definitely time to get rid of it and to shed the old person and embrace the new so to speak so here I am I'm still the same guy I'm still going to talk to sing talk but I just don't have the beard of the here anymore so I don't think it's that big of a deal I personally like it better like this now I'm actually grown into it so I'll before we get start with the show definitely I want to first and foremost I want to thank all of my listings from all over the 10 country Center listening and all over the United States are in listening thank you thank you thank you if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be doing this I will ask I'm going to ask for call back real quick and for all my friends out there when I need you to do is I need you to not only subscribed to whichever podcast that you're listen to rated give me five stars it helps my podcast up in the rankings some more people can have that opportunity to listen because no censorship is alive and well in all over the place right now and you know because they don't want people like me talkin and I'm telling you guys know what's kind of going on young the other side you don't they just want you to know that this is what we want you to know and that's why I'm sick of it I'm sure you're listening this cuz you're sick of it so do me a favor share the episode share the videos on YouTube is obviously taking stuff when I talk about the CCP and stuff like that even providing documentation to prove it in my videos they're still taking it down so I'm being censored all over the place definitely go to rumble and you'll 4 videos and stuff eventually I'm going to get off YouTube and Just phone pretty much just be all on Rumble same thing goes with Facebook I have to watch my Ps and Qs because her something to get restricted herb and that's why I have the link over probably over there right there you see it it's for my telegram page where I don't get censored and you can find a whole plethora of information on everything that's happening and it's not this cookie-cutter crap that you're hearing from NBC MSNBC CNN Fox and all them its actual truth of what is happening today all over the world including here in the United States along with abroad in Europe and China and all that stuff so definitely go there and subscribe to the channel and I got a service I have to we had a big blue on the channel the telegram Channel we are I mean it's crazy but we are up to 7500 subscribers thank you for all those who have been spreading that and finding the what I'm what I'm talking about something they want to hear so I appreciate it without you I wouldn't be doing this now let's get on to the show first and foremost today I'm not going to have any information over on the side like I usually do because it's I'm just going to talk to you because what I'm going to talk about today is more or less about it's basically the camps it's cancel culture now it's not about you know Baby Boomers and Gen X and Millennials and all that stuff because everybody is jumping over to this whole cancel culture word agenda b******* and it's evident are all across the board doesn't matter if you are or anything like that it's just you know you understand that a little bit make this show too big to small whatever so the new big thing that's been going on for the last couple years expecially over this whole I can't stay but you guys all y'all know what the last two-and-a-half years is the cancel culture I don't know about you me personally I'm sick and tired of it I'm done with it you know it's it's been played out honestly I'm off That's how it should because that's how our constitution is everybody has a right to speak pretty much everything but it's our government and the right now that is continuing to divide our country and they need you and they want to and unfortunately people are still just doing it it blows my mind I can't tell you how many people I've lost his friends I've been friends with for a while because I have our political stances and I don't believe in the agenda I don't believe in canceling culture I believe and this is what I believe in and I think kids the new Jump next generation of kids that are running everything eventually I feel horrible and I'm glad I will be dead by the time that happens to be 100% honest with everything but what actually happened in history so how are we supposed to the Next Generation supposed to I'm not do what has already been done it's just going to be a vicious cycle it's Insanity it's a vicious cycle of things that you continually do with the same aisle, that's exactly what's going to happen in the next Generation because they have cancel culture so much history books you look at the history books now they don't want to teach you like Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus or George Washington only want to cancel George Washington out as a Founding Father how do you do that cuz he was a founding father that's our history whether it's bad or good it's our history now I'm not off work Christopher Columbus I yeah okay he never discovered America we know that it was Leif Erikson we know that it was probably even people before Leif Erikson the Indians were here way before anybody else but let's not go there right because you didn't all that fun stuff as well so but you get the gist of it see that's what I'm talking about cancel culture and it sucks because you have to continually we got to think about what you say or do you say this this is going to happen you know if I say something about it is specific you know shot that's going to give me restricted on different platforms because they don't want you to talk about it I'll be unfortunate that's why I can't stress this enough I'm going to be getting off of YouTube because these are topics that need to be talked about in everything that's been going on with that and I can't because if I do then I get my account got shut down and then these videos don't get out and I can't get my videos up on my website because I use for my only syncs with YouTube and it doesn't sync with Randall but their networks also it's a big mess so yeah but I mean I don't know if anybody turned it in the news lately that's up in Minneapolis I know I think I touched base on this with one of my other episodes where the teachers union Minneapolis is essentially going to if they have to fire anybody they're going to fire a white teacher over a minority teacher because they for some reason it's like to make amends for racism and all this stuff and just bunch of bulshit they feel that a classroom of a diverse I know people are going to learn better from somebody that's of their culture but how is that going to work when say you have a Hispanic teacher and you have your class size is 15 20 people 20 kids right so you have a Hispanic teacher white teacher lost their job because of whatever so this is Spanish teacher was able to keep it so this classroom has say 30% white kids 20% Hispanic 10% I wasn't right what happened to you lose your job if you're not performing your job if your kids aren't learning then yeah you should lose your job but you shouldn't lose your job because of color your skin it should be based on your marriage and what you're doing Show me even where I'm living now I don't have kids in school right now I don't have kids so but the stuff I'm hearing that they're trying to pull even here with apps and stuff like that to track your kids and this is what happened when I was in school you know if you did scroll you did School you suffer the consequences when you came back you what you got I have says every move that you make everything that you're doing I don't think so everything I believe in what you believe in you know I don't know why you would want them to check the kids like that are they parenting your kids now I mean it kind of seems like that but this is a whole new culture of today hits and again we want to cancel everything in history that has happened over you know but why so we don't teach our kids today of the things that were bad that happened back then what are we doing are we shelter in on or we just trying to create our own our own version of history and Implement and put that in their heads you know it's all goody-goody you know we have I mean you had Desert Storm you had one and two you know I mean let's be honest here I mean the last time we went to war after September 11th it was on Ben information and you know we got the cheneys you know that guy should be nice to be locked up him pushing all their little cohorts the need to all it should have all been locked up for y'all crimes against humanity and war crimes in general say that it's all they are there all about the Democratic side you know what I hate to say that you want I'm not trying to be all I want to be political and honestly when it's coming down to you know that's kind of where it's at right now and it truly is unfortunate but it is unfortunately our kids now aren't they're not going to know about the Revolutionary War they're not going to know about the Civil War than I cannot know about any of that because then I can teach that in school they're going to teach you they want to teach kids in school about how to get a hit and I'd hate to say like this but about more about their sexuality than they do about anything else and that's sickening leave our kids you'll just stop get it out of our schools I mean I've seen books that go to schools and I would be appalled if any of my kids were in that school I would pull them out and I would homeschool if I had my kids because they're just poisoning our kids their D Hue D human humanizing our next generation and they've been doing this for a while now and it's all if you look at what other countries do that you got kind of that does that what their citizens I mean I also just heard and read that China is spending billions of dollars on there concentration camps that a rehabilitation camps or whatever they want to call them you know what those are folks and it's coming soon to America if we're not care what that is is basically if you are against anything that the CCP does or says or anything like that you go to these camps until you agree with what they're doing and you renounce everything else the CCP if you can't be religious in China because if you are you get thrown in these camps I'm not going to talk about religion on the this channel because as everybody knows I'm going to say this one last time I am I don't believe in a lot of the beliefs that others believe in but I do believe in when I do know and I'm not going to push that on you and I don't you know when I hear a lot of other gone completely that route and I'm not going to do that so that's as far as we're going to go with talking about that so but if we're not careful are our children of today we're going to run everything tomorrow I'm driving you have all these parts you don't see the kids in the Parks anymore you don't see the kids on the bikes anymore right in a row I remember when I was a kid we would be out until dark and then come home about you know to come home or our parents who yell at the window or the door for us to come home now meaning kids to come home from school that happened there little video game players and play Playstation and that is their life and parents of today are accepting that as I'm doing get your kids up put the rest is outside let him get dirty break a bone but I don't get a cut just get a ticket to do that kind of don't f****** hide your kids from reality because it's going to have devastating effects on the future of everything you know once I'm a huge I love punk music right and I'm a firm believer in the punk movement and just the way it is a selfie you stand your ground type stuff man I don't know what happened to it I hate to admit to it but I think the punk generation officially died with essentially Gen X My Generation I think upon it is honest I kind of dead and it's unfortunate cuz even some of the people that I grew up with that were these punks and this is all woke and it all started with the last selection this woke generation I woke and saw like I have to sit back and I have to be on and you guys used to be so hardcore punk and this and that and here you are you want more government less government government they don't want people to tell him what to do and here you are voting for somebody that you want to tell you what to do unfortunately I have only just do it I have Punk tattooed on my knuckles I did that for a reason because that's what I believe it's not just the music it's the way of life that's what I I believe in and I still believe it fortunately a lot of the people I've hung out with that supposedly believed in that have a long gone they don't believe in it no more and it's like what happened this is exactly what's going on with today's society today's movement it's there's no more of that it's all woke you're welcome you're not do you want to tear down statues of History you want to tear down rename bases because of History just everything because you get butthurt because of the name somebody doesn't do something that you agree with you want to cancel it man it's like it's almost like somebody that we got call this person call me name and that's it and that's what's happening so you know in love and it's been attacked you know it's like this cancel the trying to cancel everything about women but they're trying to blame that on the Supreme Court and this and that with other stuff but no no no no no it's not what's happening they're literally think canceling women's sports by I'm sorry again and I talked about this another episode by allowing transgender men to enter into women sports when they have the clear upper Advantage at least women pat bus of the wrestler whole life to get up the college to get to the level they're at and some guy does shity yum in that whatever sport that he's in and he decides well I can't do it here and this is the message that it's any if I can't make it I can just say it's gender and going to women's sport and while I compete and start winning trophies and all that stuff because you have a clear up our advantage and that's not right beautiful women sports let them do their thing they busted their ass just like men it busted their ass to be in doing what they're doing if you can't make it in a sport or you don't like that then you don't have a business canceling women's I'm going to Sportsman just women in general it's like they're trying to cancel it Administration wants you to do but you're not going to know that because you don't you don't report on that kind of stuff and I'm here telling you that look it up I'm not lying to you it's a quick search and I'm telling you right now don't you on Google cuz Google is the leading in the internet a lot of stuff on the internet I just been proven Download Break on your on your computer on your phone whenever I look up that way a lot more information going to pop up on that web browser them you will on Google YouTubers doing the same thing books about 20 minutes and I just been kind of I'll tell you what I kind of like this concept of just doing it like this and I hope you guys like the new like this as well let me know how you guys feel about how this is comment below on the podcast for the video or anything like that definitely subscribe all that stuff to the channel and so you get updates end I think this is the perfect spot to end it I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your Sunday spend time with your family give him hugs and will be back most likely tomorrow I have folks you be good