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Season 1

April 14, 2022

What is happening in China with the CCP's Zero Policy?

How is the CCP's Zero CV19 Policy affecting the people of China, well we dive in and tell you some of the horrible things happening. If you want to watch the video visit our YouTube, Rumble or at our Website www.laochswhenthe...

April 11, 2022

When is it Enough?

When will it be enough folks? What will it take for you to open your eyes and wake up? Our kids are under fire, our government want's us dependent on them, When will you finally have enough? Telegram - https://t.me/whentheham...

April 08, 2022

Well America We just confirmed the Most radical Supreme Court Justice

As the Title says the senate along with 3 republicans just confirmed the most radical person as a justice. Lets not talk about the leniency she shows to pedophiles nor the fact she cant identify a women or when life begins as...

April 06, 2022

Norse Paganism and what it means to me!

Today we dive into the shallow end to explain a little about Norse Paganism. Its nothing fancy but it let's you the listener in a little more to the person behind the mic and in the picture. Telegram - https://t.me/whentheham...

April 01, 2022

Breaking News Psaki is leaving White house! Is this an April Fools Joke?

Its April fools day and we must wonder if what Psaki is saying is true? Is she really leaving the white house for MSNBC. We cover this and much more on todays special episode Telegram - https://t.me/whenthehammerdrops Faceboo...

March 30, 2022

Dont say Gay Bill and more!!

Today we tell you what the 'Don't say gay bill' actually is and not what the left wants you to believe! We also talk about Jackson's 'cant identify what a female is" to the senate committee, we also announce 2 events from War...

March 25, 2022

It’s not a conspiracy anymore

We dive into the great reset, the New world order and much more. Conspiracy theory's are becoming more and more true, along with the links to the infamous Biden laptop Telegram - https://t.me/whenthehammerdrops Facebook- http...

March 21, 2022

Can’t trust the government

We talk about the Hunter laptop, after over a year that we are told it didn't exist and now the truth is coming out. This is why we can't trust what the Media is telling us. Telegram - https://t.me/whenthehammerdrops Facebook...

March 14, 2022


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