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May 6, 2022

Wake up World!

You’re paying more at the gas pump, energy for your house, grocery store, everything has gone up in the last 1yr and 4months. Yet the Biden administration keeps sending Billions to Ukraine! They keep printing money like it’s water and eventually it’s going to dry up and then that Dollar will collapse and be worthless. 

Soon the US will feel the effects of the pending food shortages, if you want to see what that will be like just look at Africa. You think those planes dropping out of the sky and burning food processing plants all across America and the world is a fluke, then ask your self this - why are the ones that have burnt down, some of the world’s largest processing centers that supply the WORLD with food? 

If you can’t see how preplanned this all is then I’m not sure what to tell you, but mark my words come June when they officially release the Roe v Wade decision you can bet that you will see Riots just like we saw in 2020. When this happens then maybe you will sit back and look at the whole picture and not what our bought and paid for media that is run by our government and the world’s richest (Black Rock, Vanguard and state street financial, all of who actually run the show).

Wake up people! Do your homework.