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Aug. 25, 2022

Student loan forgiveness is a smoke screen!

300 Billion more add to the shoulders of tax paying Americans! But was is this a smoke screen for? Is it obvious yet who’s been paid off by not only Russia but the CCP! Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan and then as soon as she leaves it gave the excuse for China to surround them with Military! Is this all a coincidence? No it’s not! 

While everyone is so worried about the inflation reduction and student loans (which is dividing Americans) Biden and the rest of them are selling out our country, destroying our Military and making us vulnerable to be taking over. 

China and Russia are not our friends folks, they want American soil and too many people won’t wake up to see it. This is not a conspiracy theory it’s indeed fact. 

Communism is very strong here and many politicians are part of it. Yet people turn a blind eye because that’s what your media is telling you. If you trust the Q movement then please explain why? All that has done is made promises, that never came to light, has gotten people arrested, and those that follow it labeled nothing more than racist! You got to start looking further in front of you than your nose!